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Pool dimensions :

There is no real maximum water height recommended or restrictive for the practice of the aquabike. However, we recommend keeping your head above water … More seriously, the ideal exercise conditions are that the user has water up to the navel, in order to promote optimum work of the lower limbs and the abdominal strap. The feet of all our aquabikes are adjustable in height as are the saddle and handlebar stems; our bikes are therefore designed to suit any depth of water and any size of user. It is also possible to tighten or loosen our stability pads to compensate for any irregularity in the bottom of your pool. Yes, we thought of everything

Dimensions of the Bikes :

Height: A – 95cm / 37.40 in (saddle) B -1m10 / 43.30 in (handlebars)

Width: C – 61 cm / 24.01 in

Length: D – 1m10 / 43.30 in (wheels included)

Pool coatings:

Our products, thanks to their silicone stability pads, are compatible with any type of pool cover: liner, polyester, tile, mosaic, concrete … No risk of tearing or sucking when handling the bike in water.

Pool with a slope:

Some of you have a swimming pool that slopes over most of its length. Do not panic ! This is not incompatible with the use of our products. Bikes’ feet are height-adjustable at the front and back, which compensates for the slope of the pool and maintains a comfortable exercise position. The key is to ensure that your hips are located on the lower side of the slope, to maximize the work in immersion.

Salted Swimming pools:

All of our pool bikes are suitable for salt water. This is evidenced by the fact that some customers and partners use our aquabikes in seawater, which obviously has a much higher salt content than a swimming pool. The only prerequisite is to ensure that the electrical elements of your pond (pump or other) are perfectly isolated. If in doubt, your pool installer will be able to inform you.

We are planning very soon the sale of sacrificial anodes to be fixed on our bicycles for salted pool holders. These anodes will allow the bike not to undergo electrolysis phenomenon in case of poor insulation of the electrical installations of the basin.

Chlorine-shock treatment :

It is not recommended to treat pool water with “chlorine-shock”.

We found out that this product had a corrosive effect on the bike’s plastics.

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